Code of Ethics

The code of ethics and conduct of VIAPRE group reflects a high degree of demand from the loss adjustment managers, internal or hired loss adjusters and all collaborators which professional practice must have a foundation on the following GENERAL AND TECHNICAL PRINCIPLES:


  1. LEGALITY - they must act in accordance to the law and authorities and not use any illegal methods or practices;
  1. INDEPENDENCE AND INTEGRITY - they must practice the activity with INDEPENDENCE and AUTONOMY in relation to ANY OF THE PARTIES INVOLVED, not allowing any sort of external influence during the development of their work, abstaining from taking favours from third parties or further advantages while practicing a service for VIAPRE group;
  1. GOOD FAITH - they must have a CORRECT and LOYAL conduct with all the parties involved – internal or external – with an adequate sense of COOPERATION promoting a scenario of MUTUAL TRUST;
  1. EFFICIENCY - They must perform all functions or tasks that are attributed with RIGOUR and QUALITY, resorting to processes of agility, economy and rational use of the technical resources, tools and methods given by the group;


  1. PROFESSIONAL SECRECY - maintain secrecy about all the facts and information concerning the activity of VIAPRE GROUP as well as the data given by its clients. The professional secrecy duty maintains even after the service is complete and can only be cancelled with the authorization of VIAPRE group and/or by the CLIENTS / SERVICE REQUESTERS;
  1. QUALITY - PERFORM the professional activity in accordance to the PROFESSIONAL TRAINING necessary for the function as well as in-out ADDITIONAL TRAINING given by the according department of VIAPRE which is concerned with the following points:
    • Use of a specific final, preliminary or complementary report layout as well as specific layouts for letters or other documents utilized by the group;
    • Follow the specific COMMUNICATION and TECHNICAL PRECEPTS with special emphasis on the adequate use of SIC tools – web GIS platform “VIAFLOW” and MOBILE systems;
  1. INFORMATION AND OBJECTIVITY - DISPLAY the FACTS collected during the professional activity even if susceptible to collide with the parties’ interests, having only the goal to CONCLUDE the TASK that was requested abstaining from providing INFORMATION and FORMULATE COMMENTS or OPINIONS;
  1. CONDITIONALITY - the loss adjuster must act in a prudent manner exposing in the FINAL REPORT (doc. ACP) the conclusions of the work in a CONDITIONAL manner to the insured / injured party, more specifically, enunciating the technical explanation underlying the loss adjustment conclusion. The final decision is to be made by the INSURANCE COMPANY regarding the RESPONSIBILITIES connected with the INSURANCE CONTRACT.